Think beyond the box

Most restaurants today have their cooking oil delivered in JIBs—a 35 lb. plastic jug, filled with cooking oil, encased in a cardboard box. They require significant dry storage space, pose substantial handling risks on slippery kitchen floors, and are just plain inconvenient. They also never drain completely, making JIBs very inefficient containers. That means your restaurant throws out a measurable amount of plastic, cardboard and oil every week. In short, JIBs contribute significantly to rising pollution and landfill waste.

Using the Preferred Oil® closed-loop system actually benefits the environment beyond simply eliminating JIBs. All oils collected are 100% recycled and the product never leaves our control. Mahoney Environmental® maintains all the required EPA, local and regional endorsements so that you can be secure in the knowledge that when you're cooking with Preferred Oil, you're cooking clean and green!

Re-think. Recycle. Renew.

Mahoney has a proud history of delivering innovative recycling solutions to the foodservice industry. Let us help you recycle your used fryer oil (yellow grease), grease trap material and other waste products into raw materials that can be used to manufacture items such as soap, feed additives or alternative fuels. In order to assure you that the material collected from your establishment not only meets, but exceeds the standards set by the Department of Agriculture and the EPA, Mahoney will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance. Let others know you care about the environment by displaying this certificate.

In business since 1953, Mahoney is a licensed EPA recycler. At our facilities we are able to recycle nearly 100% of the materials we process. Our goal is to help preserve the environment by servicing thousands of different customers -- from global, national and regional chains to independent restaurants throughout the United States.

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