Lower maintenance. Lower costs. 
Better outcomes for everyone.

Preferred Oil’s® fully automated systems include: Fresh and used oil tanks, oil dispensers at the fryers, and electronic Internet controllers to monitor your fresh and used oil tank levels. With a Preferred Oil automated closed-loop system, you eliminate the constant ordering and handling of 35 pound jugs, the handling and disposing of hot oil, safety related concerns, and all the other inconveniences and costs associated with manually handling your oil. Now, with the push of a button, or the flip of a switch, your fryers are filled with fresh premium cooking oil; or used oil is evacuated to an oil holding tank for collection and recycling.

In addition to the convenience, efficiency, and safety of our Preferred Oil equipment, Mahoney provides comprehensive oil management services, including:

  • Online monitoring of your oil usage
  • Scheduling deliveries and collections
  • Website access for tracking and reporting of oil usage, delivery,  and inventory

Preferred Oil delivers full-service and provides full-value for your cooking oil, allowing you to better control your total frying cost.

A Preferred Oil system also eliminates the waste that is generated from packaging and containers. Permanent holding tanks store fresh oil and capture all of the used oil for recycling, which further reduces the environmental impact from business operations. When you’re cooking with Preferred Oil, not only are you cooking “Clean and Green,” you’re cooking with the industry leader in Service, Innovation, and Value!